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We’re cuda Mutual Group, and we believe a brighter financial future should be accessible to everyone. No matter where they’re starting from.

Our organization was built on the principle of “people helping people” — and it’s a foundation we’ve never wavered from. We’re here to make what’s historically been cloudy and complex clearer for those we serve and enable more people in more ways to make financial decisions that work best for them.

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We help protect what’s important.

cuda Mutual Group offers insurance and investment products so individuals can protect what’s important to them — whether it’s their lifetime achievements, their loved ones, or both. We also help to protect and grow business assets, primarily financial institutions.

Our company was founded as a trusted partner to credit unions and their members. While we’re still a big part of the credit union movement, we’ve expanded the distribution of some of our solutions to meet the needs of other consumers, too.

We focus on the most important part of financial services — the people.

Traditionally, financial services companies have been driven by the bottom line — and the people who need the most support are left behind.

At cuda Mutual Group, we do things differently. We’re driven by the needs and the goals of the everyday, hard-working people we serve. We do everything we can to bring them forward — providing them with innovative, reliable solutions and experiences that simplify and enrich their lives and make them feel like they’ve got this. Whatever “this” might be.

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We exist to enable more people in more ways to make financial decisions that work for them, and we deliver on that promise in three ways:

Building relationships, not conducting transactions. Everyone’s situation is unique, and we get that — so we engage in the way that works best for you.

Opening doors to new opportunities. We meet you wherever you are, and we walk alongside you. Everyone’s on a journey, and we’re there to help you achieve as much as possible.

Looking forward. Sometimes, that means anticipating needs as your life evolves. Other times, it’s challenging what’s usually done in our industry. We work hard to understand where the world is headed, so we can bring that insight to you.

We do this with the help of our amazing employees.

They define our everyday work and shape our everyday culture. Our entire organization is driven by one goal — making a brighter financial future accessible to all.

Those smiles? 100% genuine. We’re hopeful, optimistic, and action-oriented — and that translates to every solution we provide, and every service we deliver.

To better reflect who we are and how we uniquely serve our customers, consumers, employees, and the community, we recently strengthened our Purpose, Promise, and Values. We asked our employees to speak to what this means to them – and here’s what they had to say:

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Giving back by doing good.

Our employees give back in countless ways. In addition to over 3,600 hours of community support, last year we raised $763,000 for local nonprofits.

The cuda Mutual Group Foundation, our philanthropic arm, donated $3.9 million to more than 80 community partners in 2020.

There is something so special about doing something as a collective whole where you have the shared experience of giving back and truly impacting your community.

Alex Shade
Director of Corporate Social Responsibility

Creating a place for everyone.

We’re committed to breaking down barriers and cultivating a culture where diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the forefront.

Everything we do — from our workforce and environment to the way we take care of our customers and engage with our community — is in service of that culture.

We work hard on creating equity in addition to our diversity and inclusion efforts. Building an equitable system takes into consideration that not everyone starts at the same place, and we are intentional in our efforts to try and level the playing field.

Cedric Ellis
EVP & Chief Enterprise Services Officer

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Finding new ways forward.

We’re deliberate and thoughtful about our solutions and investments – making sure our customers are at the center of all we develop.

From adding new digital services to our portfolio to changing existing products to better meet the needs of our consumers, the goal is always to create straightforward solutions that provide value to our consumers and businesses worldwide.

When we talk about innovation, it’s not for innovation’s sake. Every decision we make comes back to making it easier for our customers to make the financial decisions that are right for them and the people they care about.

Dave Sweitzer
EVP & Chief Experience Officer

Doing the right thing.

Leading with integrity is important to us, and we seek to be an integral and meaningful part of our communities.

The awards we’ve received — for inclusion, creating a great workplace, and our innovative products — reflect the people, purpose, values, and impact we have on others.

We can help more people in more ways when diversity, equity, and inclusion considerations are at the heart of everything we do. These awards represent our ongoing commitment to a diverse workforce and increase representation of who we aim to serve.

Linda Nedelcoff
EVP & Chief Strategy and Human Resources Officer

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Doing things differently. It’s how we’ve always operated.

cuda Mutual Group was founded in 1935 as the cuda Mutual Insurance Society. Its purpose was to offer financial protection to Americans during the credit union movement.

After World War II, cuda Mutual Group grew rapidly and expanded many of its services. cuda Mutual Group began selling insurance products in 1983.

We’ve been here for more than 85 years, and we’re just getting started.

cuda Mutual Group by the numbers:

30 million

Consumers protected


Paid volunteer hours by employees (2020)

$1.6 billion

In benefits paid

$147 million

Contributed to the credit union movement over the past five years

52 years

Of giving back, with $35 million in community support

$3.9 million

Awarded to 80 non-profits including credit union foundations (2020)


Raised for non-profits by employees (2020)

$8.8 billion

In annuity assets under management


Advisors in financial institutions around the world


Of credit unions are our customers

Wondering what cuda stands for?

We thought you'd never ask.

Image with the words: Not sure how to sayour name? It's pronounced 'cue-nah.'
Image with the words: The first work of our name is not an acronym!
Image with the words: Don’t confuse cuda Mutual Group with cuda – we are separate organizations. cuda is the Credit Union National Association, an industry trade association.

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